[Download] Top 5 Best SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

After personally evaluating each of the “Top Best SEO Optimized WordPress Themes in 2020”, I have decided to give a freelance writer’s opinion on each of them. They say that everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion, and although I am an actual search engine optimizer, I’d like to think that my opinion may be considerably valuable to the members of the online world.

Those who can appreciate good comments and constructive criticism regarding products such as computers, other electronics and other various tools, that can be used to make the use of a certain product, more enjoyable or more have the results of that product, a bit more productive.

When taking a look at the Top 5 SEO Optimized WordPress Themes of 2020, I was quite surprised at the results and I have decided to put them into words for you from my perspective. Personally, I thought the rankings should have resulted differently, but that’s just me, and as I have already established, I am an SEO Optimizer. Nonetheless, I know good work when I see it, so I have decided to begin with

1. Divi 4.0

Best SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

created by Elegant Themes. It appears that Divi 4.0 has a huge variety of different features that would definitely be appealing to web designer, because when building a website, who wouldn’t want to make sure that all of the options available are put in place. Divi 4.0 offers a variety of different drop-down menu choices such as, page layouts, headers, theme options, as well as elements. It also has drop-down menus for portfolios, blogs and shopping. These type of options are for the advanced user.

Needless to say, it appears that you could have the ability to create the BEST website featuring the most comprehensive options, which is guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye that, has a half of a brain and knows a good site when they see one.get 20% off elegant themes by blogging.

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Needless to say, it appears that you could have the ability to create the BEST website featuring the most comprehensive options, which is guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye that, has a half of a brain and knows a good site when they see one.

2. Minimum Pro Theme

Moving on to The Minimum Pro Theme(which is named perfectly),created by StudioPress according to the site that advertises a low price of $99.95 for the Minimum Pro Theme, as well as the framework, they say “create more with less”. There is very little writing space for most of the page, however at the bottom of the page, there is different posting abilities such as, left and right aligned images, threaded comments, the ability to post with a variety of headlines, all with a dramatic impact and very little technical assistance, hence the name Minimum Pro.

Personally, I appreciate the technical stuff about websites because if everyone knew how to make the dramatic impact, with little effort, the way this web designer does, then eventually I think web designers wouldn’t be employed for much longer because there won’t be any work for them because everyone is choosing the easy way out. Perhaps that could be one of the reasons that it made the top 5 of 2015. Kinda makes you wonder what’s in store for 2016 best sites, doesn’t it?

3. Thesis theme

As for #3,is known as the Thesis theme. It is a theme of its own that’s for sure. It started with Thesis 1.7 and apparently it was considered “stale”, so the creators bumped it up a notch and created
Thesis.It turns out that the WordPress users LOVED IT! with the boxes, that are kind of like widgets, or layout elements. You also get variables, but apparently they are only useful to the programmers. None the less, Thesis is responsive, and is a design that anyone can use. Apparently Thesis “is like the Windows mobile or Nokia phone of WordPress”.

Used a lot with the plugin WP e-commerce, it is often used to create online stores when combined with Instinct Entertainment,resulting in an online store that is SEO optimized, feature packed and geared for sales. You can create a gallery view store or a standard view store, in my opinion, either is a a lot of bang for your buck. Thesis allows you to a lot of thing other WordPress sites can’t do, so that right there is one of the reasons its probably in the Top 5 Best WordPress Themes of 2020.

It allows drag and drop customization, has the built in SEO optimization and is guaranteed to help boost your rankings. Surprisingly enough, it ranges in prices from $87.00 US for the basic package to $197.00 US for the professional package and also offers $164.00 US for the basic plus package.

So with that type of affordable pricing, who wouldn’t want to create a web store with Thesis, especially when it guaranteed to boost your rankings!No wonder its ranked as #3!

4. Eleven40 Pro Themes

That being said, this what I felt about #4.It is created by Studiopress, and it is called Eleven40 Pro Theme. This theme is also advertised for the low price of $99.95 with simple structure to the site, however, not quite as Minimal as #2.

According to the site, they say,”form and function will draw your readers in no matter what device they are on.” Let’s face it, for most of the aging computer literate society, what a site looks like or how its built or what features it has doesn’t really make people want to visit that site….OR DOES IT? More often than not, people are visiting a site because they want or need a service or product doesn’t really have any impact on their ability to want to use the site. I mean it’s always great to have an easy to control site that can be easily navigated and looks great, but the reality is ,


Nonetheless with the drop-down menu that is at the top right, and a main menu to the left and a main picture to catch your eye, this site could definitely grasp your attention….just not for long. It makes you wonder what #5 has to offer us?

5. Schema

#5 is called Schema from myThemeShop. Schema is “the fastest loading, ultra-SEO-friendly WordPress theme”. Just the fact that it is ranked so high in Google should definitely say something about it. It has a special price of $45.00 US, which is marked down from $69.00 US.

It features the popular custom options panels and all of the WordPress shortcodes and widgets, with a” picture perfect design”. Another absolutely awesome aspect of the site is that it features rich snippets, which allows Google to find your website and give you a higher ranking during the search optimization process. When you subscribe or purchase this design, you get :

1) unlimited Domain Usage,

2)one click installation,

3)one click updates,

4)support & updates for 1 year,

5) detailed documentation,

6)narrated video tutorials,

7) the options panel.

You can customize and use MyThemeShop themes on more than one site, as last but not least, you can get all the support you need from the support forum, which is the main method of support.

All of the above website looked quite decent when I was reviewing them, but if you are someone who doesn’t know the web design mumbo-jumbo language, then more than likely this article will be of absolutely no use to you unless you have a dictionary beside you or the next tab open to an online dictionary.