List of Free Online Tools To Ping Blog And Feed To Multiple Blog Directories

Actually for the majority of blogs, this pinging services it is not necessary. WordPress hosted blogging platform already have the tool to automatically ping your updates. Also, incase you already use Google Feedburner to manage your feed. Feedburner can ping your blog to major directories when there is a new post, just make sure you have activated it in your Feedburner account. (there are other uses of pinging service which is I hope I can cover them next time).

To avoid over pinging, you might want to check which server the service will ping to. Some of the server sthey ping are actually ‘overlapped’. For example, they can send a ping to Feedburner which in turn will ping other major directories. A few them send a ping to other pinging service, for example include as one of the server it ping to.

Over pinging, that is pinging multiple times without any new contents would make the search engine or directories unhappy. When you ping your site to Google for example, Google bot will crawl to your site thought there is a new post, but turned out there is actually nothing new. That could upset Google. Anyway, do not worry if you slightly over pinging, shouldn’t be a concern at all. BTW, very likely Google already set the schedule when to send a crawler to visit (you know this if you already using Google Webmaster Tool).

Some of the pinging sites have specialized servers in the list which may include podcasting aggregators or non-English directories. A few of them (with high number of ping servers in the list) are actually pinging to the same search engine but with different country domains.

They may ping and then and so on, which is questionable. All are free except one. Hover your mouse cursor on the link for snapshot view.

  • Pingomatic: 20 ping servers. 5 specialized ping
  • Googleping: 11 ping servers.
  • Bulkping You can ping mutiple blog url ping.
  • Totalping: 48 ping servers.
  • Pingthatblog: Over 24 ping servers.
  • Pingorange: Over 31 ping servers.
  • 25 ping servers. 5 specialized ping. 11 other languages
  • Kping: 121 ping servers. Not free. Automatic but ping paid service started with USD $ 5/month per blog/feed. US $1 Trial available.
  • Pingfarm: 17 ping server . You can ping multiple blog url.
  • Autopinger: 25 English ping servers. 19 Non-English ping servers. You can sign up for a ping button blog widget to ping from your blog.
  • Feedshark: 32 ping server. 16 ping server for feed only. 14 audio podcast.Turbo mode. With captca.
  • Mypagerank/ping: 22 ping servers. With captcha.
  • Pingler: 28 ping servers. With captcha.