You wanted to know about How to start a blog and make money 2020. Your interest to know about blogging is the key to your success. I appreciate your time to read out the exact ways through which you can easily learn different ways and strategies which can be useful for you. It was the same situation in which YOU are at the moment (but I will clear it from this article) when i started.

This created so many confusion for me in the same way as YOU have at the moment, but don’t worry I will make it clear to you today. So, heading over to first thing we need to know which is.


It is generally a website which gets updated on regular or weekly or what ever the time selected by the Blogger (who blogs) on different topics about the same or a multiple niche (niche is actually a topic i.e. sports). Blogging is simply an amazing art through which you can spread the information about the topic.

So, It is like sharing information, writing and publishing articles, marketing on social media networks, optimizing contents for search engines, providing quality and unique stuff to your readers.

What skills you need to create and run?

  1. You need to be a creative person, who can work passionately.
  2. You should have writing skill to express your information in a best way to your reader.
  3. You should know about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and basic knowledge to manage a cms.
  4. You should be the one who should understand what his/her reader searching for and what you should provide them.
  5. You need to be very passionate about what you are going to do about.
  6. You should focus on solving the problems your readers are facing. It is not about just writing, but it means to share, solve and help people with in your niche

If you are still not sure for above, let me explain more.

Think about what you like the most, what you are curious to know about more and more. It may be something like sports, like cricket? or something like iPhone or Android? It may be anything which you have to find out. Once you are done, you are ready to go for it.

So, I hope these terms are now much cleared to you. Now the time is to learn how you can actually start and what tools and information you need to know before you dig into it? I am sure if you completely understand what I am going to show you below, you will have no question left in your mind and you will create a wonderful site yourself today.


A graphical representation to give you an overview of the steps and tools you need to start a blog and make money from it. Take a moment, check it out and then I will explain further.


  1. It is not a overnight method to start a blog and make money like thousands and millions of dollars but it requires patience, hard work, and right strategies.
  2. Don’t think of only about making money out of it but try to explain and solve your readers issues and problems so you get popular easily.
  3. Don’t just keep writing, spread it over social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and reddit.
  4. Make out some introduction videos and some important topics videos, embed it in your weblog and spread it via video sharing site such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Vine, etc.
  5. Make out a proper plan, research for Good Keywords (it is a part of seo which I am covering from A to Z at this site that you can learn for free, implement proper and Google Guide’s accordingly SEO.
  6. Write quality stuff for your readers. Only write what covers complete and useful information to your reader for which they have visited.
  7. In the last but not least, keep reading stuff, learn each and everyday, implement it according to your niche and share new ideas and experiments with your readers to get more value and more success.

I think above are enough points to keep in mind before you start it. These are not complete but enough to have an idea about the things you should know before you go for it.

Ready to Start Learning How to Really Start?

I think you are quite overloaded with enough information and its time to learn how you can actually begin it. So, lets start. As you observed in the presentation above the step by step by things you need to get started, I will explain each of them now.


This is the very first thing you need to get started. This is actually address to your Blog for example is the address when you want to visit this website. Similarly you have to chose a domain name to represent yourself over internet. Let me explain what it is. It is just like your home address.

If you want to invite anyone so you need to tell them your house address, in the same when you want anybody to visit your blog, you need a unique identification that no one has. Now domain name is cleared to you. What important things you should know before buying a domain?

  1. Make sure: The company you are purchasing a domain has a reputation over internet.
  2. Don’t forget to buy a .com TLD domain name. Why I prefer .com? It is because it is global extension that targets globally. Since, normally we make for a global purpose, but if you are interested to keep yourself limited to any specific country, you can purchase TLD of that particular country. You can read more about TLDs here.
  3. I always prefer to purchase Domains from Godaddy or Namecheap. It is because both these companies are excellent service provider.
  4. Make it simple and memorable. Don’t use any digit (numbers likes Don’t use hiphen (-), though in some cases it is seo friendly but people normally get confused when you tell them about your blog name which is so people take it like mywebsite unless you speak my (hiphen) website which does not sound good.
  5. Try to register the most specific domain pointing to your niche.


Like for the house stuff, such as dining table, sofas, bed and tv, you need space in your house to keep them. Similarly, website needs a Web Space where images and its files are stored. Like logo, web page, images, text, etc. All these need an space to be stored and hence Web Hosting plays important role here.

Web Hosting is simply an online Server (computers) where we store our website data. Now the main thing here to consider, as you protect your house from thieves and make safety measures, in the same, security for website is critical topic and for this you specially need a strong web hosting company who is secured and safe for your site.

Here I personally recommend to use Bluehost or Hostgator. Both Companies are excellent and have a valuable reputation online.

But for the first, I prefer to go with Bluehost since I have many websites with them and never faced any issue.

Bluehost is a wonderful Hosting company I have experienced with. The plan is just $3.49/month and you can host as many sites as you want with unlimited hosting space and email accounts. Its a win choice.


WordPress itself is a most reputable and powerful CMS online today. Its free, simple and powerful tool to create even company websites today. With the use of Themes and Plugins, you can create a very wonderful site of your choice.

Why Using WordPress?

There are number of reasons people are using WordPress as their CMS (Content Management System). Some of the key features of WordPress are given below

  1. Its very simple and easy to write, post and publish your article.
  2. Its free of cost, means you don’t need to pay for using it.
  3. Easy to install and manage. Watch the video below or on YouTube to watch how to install secured wordpress.
  4. You can Tweak your WordPress with beautiful, responsive (any device compatible) themes and useful plugins to make your blog superb.
    I prefer using MyThemeShop for your first time use. Since they have pretty and easy to use themes.
  5. WordPress is SEO friendly, it means you don’t need to work much harder to make your posts and page seo friendly.


Now that you have domain, hosting and a beautiful WordPress site, time is to write and spread your knowledge and information. Don’t worry about your English and writing skills, YOU are king to share what special information you have and nobody knows how well you can describe about your subject (niche).

No matter how well you write as I said, people often get confused even they leave blogging. But don’t be as stupid as they are. Read out more and more about your topic, explore new ideas and share the information (experienced information is more useful such as the method you follow and do something special and share it to your readers)


Everybody knows how important social media is today. Don’t forget to share your content to over all social media sites. Create a Google+ and Facebook page where you can share your new content. Twitter is the most important way to promote your content. Pinterest and stumbleupon are also most important. Infact each and every social media site is most important to make money.



Now that you have a successful blog and you know how to start it. Its time to make money with some useful and quality paying ads companies. There are so many ways you can monetize, but some of the best methods I recommend you should target first are:


A wonderful company that serves ads, and pays a certain amount (actually very good amount) of income to you when anybody clicks on ads displayed.


Its the second and the most important network you should consider to monetize. The result of this network is amazing. Advertisers place ads directly for 30 days and you get a fixed price for that.


I hope you enjoyed reading how to start a blog and make money from it. You have to dig more information. But for start up, its enough to go. Now its time to your hard work, all you have to do is to take action now. I mean NOW. Even if you need any help, I am always here to help you out.