How To Set up Email Marketing On A WordPress Blog

How To Set up Email Marketing On A WordPress Blog

Email marketing is the most reliable method of digital marketing in this century. Besides content marketing and SEO, email marketing is the other way of putting your content and products in front of a huge audience.

Smart digital marketers know the importance of having an email list. In fact, if given to choose between an email list with 1000 subscribers and a facebook business page with 100000 likes, they’ll go for the 1000 subscribers email list.

The reason is simple. If someone decides to give you his email address, it means he is ready to commit himself to your business.

Your email list is very powerful because:

You own your audience. No one or any alogarithm can take your subscribers from you.

Imagine this: You have a facebook business page with 100000 likes. You feel you have a huge audience. The good thing is, they participate in every campaign you run on the page. They buy your products. They even refer their friends and relatives to your business. It doesn’t stop at that. The page continues to grow. Everything seems to be working so well from your business.

Then one day. You wake up one day and you find your page gone. Something bad happened to facebook and your page plus the “huge” audience is gone.

You are left with nothing. So you have to start all over again.

This can never be the case with owning an email list. You can always store your email list in your computer as a csv file. That way, you won’t lose your email list even if your email autoresponder experiences a problem.

The other reason why an email list is very important is because with email marketing you can build a stronger relationship with your audience.

Email marketing enables you to send email campaigns to your subscribers on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis or when there is something you’d like them to know about.

And if the information contained in your email campaigns are reliable, they won’t have any reason not to trust you.

Finally, your email list is important because your email subscribers are more likely to buy something from you.

As I had said before, if someone decides to give you his personal email address, trust me, he is ready to commit and more likely to buy something from you.

It is therefore important that you start building your email list from the start.

For you start building an email list, here are the key things you must have.

How To Set up Email Marketing On A WordPress Blog

1. Email Marketing Service

An email marketing service provides an email marketing software that allows you to store email addresses, create email campaigns and automations.

There are lots of companies offering these services. Some of which include Mailchimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite, Aweber etc.

Some of these companies offer free services for up to certain number of subscribers while the rest are premium from the beginning.

Before you get started with email marketing, research on which company to start working with.

I see most of the bloggers recommending Aweber and it got me thinking. Why Aweber? I realized that Aweber has an affiliate program and that is why they recommend it to new bloggers.

I think as a new blogger, it is best if you go for something cheaper. Which is why I recommend either Mailchimp or MailerLite. The two have great services and they allow you to use their free services free of charge until your email list grows beyond 1000 subscribers. Sounds great, right?

2. Email address collection tool.

An email address collection tool will provide you with forms to strategically place on your site.

These forms could be embedded or pop ups.

I personally use MailMunch and OptinChat as email address collection tools on my site.

3. A reason to make people sign up to your email list. 

People are not going to give you their email addresses just like that. You have to give them a reason to. And it’s beyond having a form saying ” sign up to our newsletter.”

You must give something that will add up a value to users.

People like free stuffs. Offer them free stuffs. These could be checklists, your own eBooks, free digital courses or even a pdf version of your popular blog post.

With an email autoresponder, email collection tool and a freebie, you are all set to start setting up email marketing on your blog.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up to an email collection tool.

MailMunch will enable you to create pop up forms and embedded forms. It’s free and I believe it’s a great tool for beginners.

2: Sign up to an email marketing service.

MailerLite and Mailchimp offer great services for free until your list grows beyond 1000 subscribers.

Step 3: Create an email list on your email marketing service. 

You can name it anything you like. But let it be something easier to remember.

Step 4: Create the first autoresponder

If you are giving out an free ebook, an email containing the instructions on how to download the ebook should be sent immediately upon sign up.

This email should be triggered by a new sign up.

Step 5: Create sign up forms

Create an email sign up form from the email collection tool.

Integrate it with the email autoresponder so that when a user signs up, his details will be added to the email list you a had created in step 3. This will also trigger the sending of the email you had created in step 4.

Step 6: Strategically position your email sign up forms. 

Place your sign up forms on the sidebar, within your posts and pages, at the header or at the footer of your website.

If you decide to go by pop up forms, don’t over use it. People get annoyed when there are too many pop up forms on a blog. They might not even come back to your site because of this. So play smart.


Start by thinking about what you can offer people in order to get them subscribe to your email list because you’ll find email marketing much better when you give people a reason to subscribe to your list.

Develop the habit of sending weekly emails. This will help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.