How To Promote Your Blog Using Facebook Ads

How To Promote Your Blog On Facebook Ads

Have you been thinking to spend some money to promote your blog on Facebook Ads in order to reach more audience? Through this, it is true, that you will get more likes, more clicks and more users for your blog.
Many people promote their blogs/websites on Facebook or other social networks to gain more users and reach more people. But most of them use wrong methods and as a result, they spend a lot of money and get less.

Well, in this blog post, you will find out how to promote your blog or blog page on Facebook and get more leads while you spend less.

Spend Less, Learn More (In the Beginning)

Even if you have a lot of money in your bank or wallet, try spending the least amount to promote your blog on Facebook (for the first time). Run the marketing campaign for just one day and see the results of that campaign. It’s usually advisable that you run a $5 test ad campaign for one day.

Analyse the results of that campaign and see whether it benefits you. If you get good results, continue the campaign or just increase the amount to be spent.

This method will save you a lot of money and help you learn more about the Facebook Ads network.

If you are getting good clicks by spending a little amount, then you are on the right track!

Don’t Just Promote Your Blog To Get Clicks

Nowadays, people are going crazy to just get clicks on their blog postsite.

Many times, they promote just a post on their blog and as a result, they get no result (sometimes they get, but most of the times people ignore such promotions).

Rather than boosting a blog post on Facebook, try promoting your whole page and get more likes from the people all around the world.

Ultimately, the people who like your page will get to know about your blog posts in their news feed and this will make more clicks for your blog.

So, rather than promoting your blog to get clicks/page views, try promoting your page to get permanent users, which will ultimately result in more page views.

Target Proper Crowd

You should target proper people who have interest in your blog niche.

Facebook gives you an option to choose and targert people over their interests.

For example, if you write on “Technology”, then target people who have interest in “Technology” by choosing “Technology” in the interests’ option, while running the ad campaign.

Promote your Blog or Blog Page to people who have interest in your blog niche. In an online survey, it was found that people are more attracted towards the topic on Facebook, in which they have more interest.

Target Geographic Areas Step-By-Step

Don’t select a wide area at a time. Be smart and do a smart work!
Select small cities and target them. First, select your own city, then neighbor city, then bigger city, the city from another state and so on.

For example,

In the first campaign, select your own city and run the campaign.

Then, in the further campaigns, select different cities and then different cities from different countries. This will help you gain more users easily from different cities.

Stop Promoting If You Are Not Getting Results

You pay money to Facebook to promote your Blog and to get more likes or leads.

But, if you are unsatisfied with the promotion and get fewer likes and clicks, then stop promoting the blog.

Then what should you do?

Start writing good quality content, gain some users and reputation and then restart promotion. Do some hardwork+smartwork! This will definitely help you!

Final Words

How To Promote Your Blog on Facebook Ads

So, in this way, you can promote your blog on Facebook Ads and gain proper users by spending less money. Buy and sell facebook pages at

If you think that we missed something, be sure to include that using the comments section below!