Application of Passport in India made Easy

This is definitely a huge relief to Indian residents, especially those living in Haryana and Punjab. Application of passport in India will be easier and less time consuming.

The most difficult part of passport application is police verification. Now this would be done at the address specified on the application form. As soon as the process is complete, the passport would be dispatched by the RPO towards the address mentioned in the application form.

What’s the good news? Individuals applying for the passport can get huge relief! They can apply for passport from anywhere in India. Address verification agency in Haryana & Punjab will verify address from the address mentioned in the form.

Last year, Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs had launched a new scheme. This would make passport application process significantly smoother for all those living in the further corners of the country.

The government of India announced that an individual can easily apply for a passport from anywhere in India. The process of application is easier irrespective of the residential address of applicant.

In an attempt of making the process easier, the minister launched a mobile application. Referred to as mPassport Seva App, it is available for both Android and iOS platform users. The app will allow citizens to apply from their devices and pay. They can also schedule appointments.

This latest scheme was launched on the auspicious occasion of the Sixth Passport Seva Divas. In essence, the application may be submitted regardless of the applicant’s residential address comes under the jurisdiction of the nominated Regional Passport Office (RPO). The best part is that applicants can choose the RPO as well as the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) for submitting the application.

Police Verification

For passport, the police verification would be done at the address specified on the application form. Once the process is complete, the passport would get dispatched by the RPO to the mentioned address. This will also help in insurance verification agency in Haryana & Punjab.

The initiative by the ministry has been declared as a citizen-centric initiative.

This is good news for all those who could not apply at a PSK or POPSK near their ordinary place of residence. Additionally, the launch of the ‘mPassport Seva App’ is significant because the applicant does not need access to a computer and printer in order to apply for a passport. With this app, one can apply for it through a smartphone on the go. The minister referred to this initiative as one of the most “revolutionary” changes in the process for applying for a passport in India.

In the last 48 years, there were around 77 Passport Seva Kendras. Around 231 more were added in the last 48 months until the last year as claimed by Sushma Swaraj at an event. This event was attended by Manoj Sinha, minister of state for communications and General VK Singh (Retd)., the minister of state for external affairs. Observing the presence of around 307 PSKs across the nation, she announced that at least one PSK or POPSK would be made available in all of the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies.

According to Swaraj, all unnecessary requirements for getting a passport have been scrapped as she took charge of the ministry. This also includes doing away with a marriage certificate too.

India is very famous for its lengthy and full of hassle paperwork. Even a simple insurance address verification agency in Haryana & Punjab takes a lot of time, efforts and even toll on one’s peace of mind. The latest amendments in the law will help individuals apply for a passport easily.