6 Amazing Tips and Tricks how To stop Spam Comments In WordPress

[6 Amazing Tips and Tricks] How To Stop Spam Comments In WordPress

Do you find receiving spam comments in WordPress very discouraging? Well, you are not alone. I personally like feedback. Whether positive or negative. I have always believed that a feedback can help you, as the owner of the site, improve your style of writing or generally your site. But only when they are genuine comments.

I used to feel discouraged every time I found a comment that was way too irrelevant waiting for my approval on my WordPress site. 

And that brings me to the definition of spam comments in WordPress:

I have spent the past weeks researching on how to fight spam comments in WordPress and therefore, worry no more. Without further or do, find out how”

1. Activating Akismet.

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that comes already pre-installed with all WordPress installations. You don’t need to download it. All you need to do is activate it at a fee per month. You will be given an API key for activation after which the plugin will be doing a tremendous job filtering the comments automatically. You will need to check the spam folder though because Akismet is very strict as it marks comments with poor spelling as spam.

2. Turn off Comments

You can always turn off comments on your WordPress site in case you don’t want to receive comments of when you find it tedious moderating comments all the time. All you have to do is go to Settings >> Discussion and uncheck the box next to “Allow people to post comments on new articles.”

3. Turn Off Comments For Older Posts

WordPress allows it’s users to set comments deadlines on the posts. You can set the deadline for commenting on your site by going to Settings >> Discussion and then head over to Other Comments Settings where you will see the option “Automatically close comments on articles older than _ Days”. Uncheck the box next to this option and set the number of days you would want comments to be posted on your posts.
WordPress will now automatically close comments on posts older than the duration you chose for this option.

4. Remove URL Field From The Comment Form

The url field in the comment form does nothing but attract spammers and people totally have no interest in discussion. It is therefore advisable to remove it from the form.

5. Using Honeypot

This is an effective method of tricking spam bots to identifying themselves. For you to do this on your site, you will first need to install and activate a plugin called WP Spam Fighter. After the activation, go to Settings >> WP Spam Fighter and enable the homeypot protection. This will add hidden fields only visible to bots and since bots are usually programmed to fill the whole form, they will fill a field that will help identify them as spam bots. Just like that.

6. Disable Tackbacks

A bigger portion of Comment spam is trackbacks. You can choose to disable trackbacks for the entire site or any individual post. Simply go to Settings >> Discussion and then uncheck the box next to Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks). This will turn off trackbacks for the entire site.

To disable trackbacks for an individual post, you will have to specify it when writing a post or editing a post by changing this option.

I hope this article helped you find tips and tricks to fight spam comments in WordPress.